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Interested in music? Well you this is the right place! Currently every day there is new updates from composers with there music, lessons, tools, and more. This website is for you and other musicians to expand your knowledge and to help create a love for music. Explore and feel free to try some music people have composed. Enjoy!


- December 3, 2012
• Lesson 1 and 2 are up for music theory! Click here to get started.

- November 19, 2012
• Dont be suprised if some pages dont work all way, all pages are having an update to a new system.

- November 4, 2012
Register Now! Registration has just been complete.

- October 22, 2012
• Added a login for later uses, for quizes and homework scores.

- September 10, 2012
• Check out what music is coming next! Click Here

Recently Finished

- September 6, 2012

Hungarian Dance

» (Click To Hear)

Hungarian Dance is a great song for ensemble to play. It has a good...» (See More)

- September 3, 2012

Kick It In

» (Click To Hear)

This Song is called "Kick It In". This song was asked to be made so it could be played to pump up the crowd at football or basketball games... » (See More)